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Healthy Body Challenge: Supplements & Nutrition Product Sheets & Brochures

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Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Body Challenge: Healthy Start Paks

Healthy Body Start Pak:  Healthy-Body-Start-Pak_flyer2-0713

Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0: Healthy-Body-Start-Pak-2pt0_trifold-brochure-0813

On-The-Go Healthy Start Pak:  On-The-Go-HSP_trifold-brochure2-0613

Healthy Body Challenge: Healthy Chocolate

Hot Chocolate: Beyond-Hot-Chocolate_product-sheet3-1213-4review

Triple Truffle: Triple-Truffle_flyer-1011

Triple Treat: Triple-Treat_brochure

CoCoPlus: CocoPlus-Combo_trifold-brochure2-0613

CoCoGevity Plus: CocoGevity-Plus_Product-Sheet-0112

Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Body Challenge: Bone and Joint Health

Pig Pak: PigPak_trifold-brochure-0613  (This pak is the one that Dr. Wallach refers to in his health lectures and interview with Benny Hinn)

Gluco Gel Plus: Gluco-Gel-Plus_product-sheet-1112

Beyond Osteo FX – Powder:  Beyond-Osteo-fx-Powder_Product-Sheet-0613

Beyond Osteo FX Liquid: Beyond-Osteo-fx_Product-Sheet-0613

Liquid Gluco Gel: YGY-13216-Liquid-Gluco-Gel-SuppFacts-0812

Call Toddy: SL-Cal-Toddy-Brochure-0513

Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Body Challenge: Brain and Heart Function

Smart FX: smart-fx_product-sheet

Cell Shield RTO: Cell-Shield-RTQ-trifold-brochure2-0314_4review

Selenium: YGY-20971-Selenium-SuppFacts-0810

Healthy Body Challenge: Healthy Blood Sugar

SweetEZE: YGY-21014-Sweet-Eze-SuppFacts-0310

Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Body Challenge: Healthy Digestion

Root Beer Belly: Root-Beer-Belly_trifold-brochure2-0214-4review

Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Body Challenge: Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss Pak:  HSP-WEIGHT-LOSS_trifold-brochure2-0613

Recipe booklet and information for the Slender FX plan: Slender-fx_Shake-recipes-booklet-per-page-0612

Slender FX comparison chart: Slender-fx_Shake-Comp-Chart-0212

Slender FX Meal Replacement information: SFX-Kit_presentation-trifold-0512

Body Trim energy drink: Body-Trim-For-YGY_flyer-0712

Liver Cleanse: 30-Day-LiverPure-Cleanse_flyer-1213

Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Pets

PerPETual supplement facts:  PerPETual_product-sheet_0513

Healthy Body Challenge

Energy Drinks

Rebound Concentrate product information: Rebound-fx-CONCENTRATE_trifold-brochure-1113

Rebound Citrus Punch: ReboundFX-Citrus-Punch_product sheet2-0311

Rebound Drink (in a can) comparison chart – See how your current energy compares to ReboundFX: Rebound-fx-CAN-retail-comp-chart_flyer-1013-4download

Rebound (in a can) information overview:  Rebound-fx-Can_trifold-brochure-1013-4review

Pollen Burst Berry Burst: Pollen-Burst-Plus-Berry-Burst_product-sheet-0712

Pollen Burst Brochure: Pollen-Burst-brochure5_0514-4review

Pollen Burst Neo Nutrition: NeoNutrition Brochure-0908

For Kids

Cheri-Mins for kids and adults: Cheri-Mins_Product-Sheet-0611

Probiotic sprinkle made just for kids: KidSprinklz-WM_trifold-brochure-0914-4review

Reports & Studies for a Healthy Body Challenge:

Research studies demonstrating ingredient benefits of Youngevity Bone and Joint health care products:


Safety and Health Benefits of Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 – Citrus Peach Fusion and the combination of Beyond Osteo FX, and Ultimate EFA Plus (Youngevity Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0)


Research studies on anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory efficacy and safety of Youngevity Nutraceutical Products:


Analysis Report of Majestic Earth Minerals: analysisReport of Majestic Earth Minerals

Healthy Body Challenge

Other Liquid Nutrition & Supplements for Healthy Body Challenge:

ZRadical: ZRadical_trifold-brochure-0314-4review

Ultra Body Tody: Ultra-BT_trifold-brochure3-0312

Ultimate Classic: Ult-Classic_Product-Sheet-0611

Tangy Tangerine: Tangy-Tangerine_Product-Sheet-0611

Sleep EZE: Sleep-EZE_product-sheet-1211

PureWorks: PW-Cold-v-Flu_flyer-1109

Plant Derived Minerals: PDM_Product-Sheet-0611

Maqui-Plus: Maqui-Plus_Product-Sheet-1211

Imortalium: Imortalium-quadrafold-brochure_0214-4review

GoFoods Emergency Food Rations: GOFoods_Product-overview-1113

Citri-D Vitamin D3 Spray: Citri-D_product-sheet-YBTC

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